About This Site – Please Read!

A couple of years ago, my son started entertaining us on his visits by jacking his netbook into the big screen TV and showing us the funny pictures he’d collected over the week or two since we’d last seen him.  As those folders collected, I told him he should share them with the world.   Many people have seen a lot of the material on this website before.  The fun part is having it all on one site.  This site is where he shares with you what he has shared with us.

The Webmaster

A Note About The Layout Of This Site:

The newest pics are on the front page. When you click on one of those or on a page like this one, you will see many, many categories of funny pics listed over there to the right in the sidebar.  ========>


A Note From the Collector:

1.  I do not remove tags, watermarks, or signatures.  I believe in giving credit where it’s due, and I have in every case I could.  I provide links to my usual sources so you can browse at your leisure, and when I find an unstamped comic I want to keep, I put in my due diligence in looking for its originator so I can get a version that has a link written on it.  The only exception is pictures stamped with “FAIL” or “WIN,” because stamping a picture with that is crossing the line between acting stupid and being stupid.

2.  I try to separate the inherently offensive or plainly mean-spirited, us-smart-them-dumb pictures, and when I do, I don’t play favorites.  If something seems interesting, thought-provoking, or funny, I’ll save it, and if outright offensive, I’ll put it in the clearly-marked folder regardless of whether it attacks something I believe in.  There are two exceptions to this:

a)       I will unabashedly show racial/cultural insensitivity, because if you live in this era and you can’t laugh at the ridiculousness of a stereotype, you don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

b)      I will not sequester pictures that make fun of people against non-traditional marriage.  If you consider your love better than someone else’s love, and you want the government to legitimize yours over theirs, you have made a commitment to not living in a polite society.  If it’s your religion that did this to you, then your religion has made you a bad person.

3.  With one notable exception, I don’t correct spelling.  I’m bad with photoshop, and even the minimal effort it would take to become good enough with photoshop that I would be able to correct spelling seems like too much effort to me.  Not only that, but I feel too much like editing someone else’s work is a form of theft.

4.  If you find something on this site that is yours and you a) want it taken down or b) would like for me to give credit where there is none, write to my webmaster at krasbold@earthlink.net and ask nicely.  There’s no need to get huffy if that is your first inclination.  I’m obviously sharing it because I appreciated its quality and it made me laugh.  I am, however, happy to abide by your wishes if you’re damned sure it’s yours.

5.  There is absolutely guaranteed to be something here to offend absolutely everyone. If there’s not yet, just give me time.


Folder explanations

Bad language can be found in every folder, and they will be tagged with “LG” (except in the Comics or Animated folders).

Gamer Culture will bleed out into other folders only if the joke doesn’t require the reference, or if the names involved are inescapable in society (Mario, Pac-Man).  It will also include a lot of Pop Culture, because when there’s crossover in a picture, I send it to the more esoteric folder.

Kittehs is where this all began, back when LOLcats were relatively new.  I knew some cat lovers who wanted a good stream of pictures, so I started saving them.  Now it’s where I keep all pictures that either require you to either be okay with LOLspeak or just love pictures of cats.  I also separated the animated kitty pictures to concentrate their adorability and to keep people who don’t like them from having to deal with them.

Costumes are an anything-goes folder, reference-wise.  Not nudity-wise.  Keeping it clean here.  The same can be said for Shirts.

Things that I wouldn’t show to a child I thought was mature-minded is in Inappropriate.  They’re from everywhere.  Some of these get, like, really, really bad.  You’re warned.

Anything and everything else is found in Meme.  If you have to ask, this folder is not for you.  If you get all of these pictures, I…well, I pity and respect you at the same time.